Always Dogs First !

WHCY was established with pet owners and veterinarians in mind as the source for high quality clothing and accessories.

We are best known for our performance raincoats and jackets featuring waterproof and thermoregulatory fabrics found in clothing worn by mountain climbers, skiers and even originally developed for NASA.Most importantly, WHCY is a favorite in veterinary circles for their T-Piece.

The T-Piece is a garment specially designed as a comfortable and stylish alternative to veterinary cones to help pets heal from skin conditions, wounds or surgery without interfering with daily activities such as sleeping, eating or drinking. Pet parents of breeds known to shed frequently also prefer the T-Piece as it helps minimize pet dander.

History of Warm Heart Company

The Warm Heart Company was founded by Yachiyo Nishio, an acclaimed “ready to wear” fashion designer. In 1997 she was asked by a close veterinarian friend to develop specially designed clothes that would lessen stress for pet patients during their recovery at the hospital. She devoted herself to creating new comfortable designs for furry friends that would ensure their comfort.

Meanwhile, she applied her skill-sets from her experiences as a ready-to-wear designer, to create dog clothes and accessories by selecting materials based on the specific needs of each breed.

This newly invented pup style is called the "T Piece", based on her concept of designing a "T shirt type of One-piece dress". All of our fashions are "Made in Japan". This ensures that we’re not only channeling cool Japanese style, but also developing high quality items from carefully selected materials, and a production process with strict quality control.

Warm Heart Company has been honored to receive several prestigious awards including the "Good Design Award" in 2004 with our original and unique dog raincoats, the "JKC Tokyo Dog Collection" award in 2010, and several others. Our philosophy is "Always Dogs First", because they’re not just a pet, but our precious family members and friends.


An Authorized Company Participating in the "Cool Japan"

Project From the Japanese Government

This year 2015, Warm Heart Company(WHCY) was selected by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry to represent Japan on a global scale as part of their “More Than Project”.

The “More Than Project” is one of Japanese government project “Cool Japan!”, an ongoing initiative that focuses on introducing the world to an in-depth cultural image of Japan that expands traditional pop cultural ideas beyond anime, samurai, sushi and geisha.

With their motto “Made in Japan for Dogs in the World”, WHCY will show the international community that love for man’s best friend is universal!


Made in Japan for Dog in the World!

High Performance Raincoats

We line up 4 variation of dog raincoats, according to each needs of dog owners, and comfortableness of each breeds.

- Easy to put on or take off, stays put while walking your dog.-

- Original draping ensures comfort and is why our raincoats are preferred by dog owners in Japan.-

- Full scale of sizing for all kinds of breeds, with variety of colors and designs.-

- 10 colors, 18 size variations fit with your breeds and needs. *details are separate.-

J Coat-B

More than 20,000 coats have been sold in Japan since its debut. The biggest feature is the wide array of sizes that are available from small to large sized dogs. J-Coat-B offers a truly comfortable fit with plenty of ease. This is exclusive to WHCY’s manufacturing based on our extensive knowledge and understanding of the shape & skeleton of each breed. Reliable functionality and a variety of colors have been drawing dog owners to this style for many years.

< J Coat-B Materials >

Our nylons are carefully selected for the following qualities;

- Waterproof

- Water Repellency: 8,000mm level

- Moisture Permeability: 8,000/m2/hr level

Our nylon enables an ideal waterproof property with 32 times high performance compared with ordinary umbrellas. The texture is soft to the touch and composed of stretchable woven fabric to ensure comfort for your pup even on the rainiest of days!

Easy for Rain

No more fussing with your dog’s paws or head to keep them dry! Just wrap this around your dog's body and fasten with the size-adjustable Velcro tape. Easy Rain can protect your dog's chest where they get dirty easily.

-*Material; outer material/ 100% nylon, inner material/ 100% polyester-

-*Colors; Red, Beige, Muscat-


The Warm Heart Company is known for our T Piece, which we originally invented & designed to ensure a comfortable daily life for our dogs even when they’re not feeling well.

*Specially designed for medical protective wear

*Patent applied for Japan Patent Office

*Japan G-Design Awards in 2004.

When dogs are injured or contract skin diseases, they’re often required to wear a protective cone to prevent them from licking or scratching their wounds. However, wearing a cone places considerable stress on the dog because eating, drinking and even sleeping can be difficult. We developed the T-piece to solve this problem.

T Piece 0191Y010

Our bestselling T Piece line is supported by not only numerous dog owners, but vets nationwide in Japan, for its reliable functionality in the veterinary world and its cute fashionable style.

*Material; 100% cotton, 40/2 thread (Tenjiku Boarder) / Maple 100% cotton, Aucot30telco / Ruby *Colors; Maple, Ruby

T Piece C 1420S010

A comfortable 4 sleeves garment that can be worn around the house or outside.This line is also preferred by dog owners of breeds prone to shedding or to minimize pet dander in the home.This combines the robustness of hollow fiber-based kanoko weaving with the lightness and flexibility of 100% cotton. Moreover, it has excellent durability.

*Material; Airy20/kanoko, 100% cotton, *Colors; Pink Mist, Sky Blue

T Piece C-E

This T-Piece features fabric with the same thermoregulatory material invented originally for NASA. The design is cute, but simple, with the dual convenience of an easy & comfortable fit & thermoregulatory functionality. Originally designed pattern has been modified to comfortably fit the unique shape of a Miniature Dachshund

*Material; Outlast, 95% rayon, 5% polyester*Colors; Top grey


If you have any further requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.